Taking infection prevention to the fourth power with our IP4 platform and BAC-TRACK. We bring a systematic approach to infection control, with our TEST TREAT TRACK and TRAIN platform. Utilizing ATP monitoring, cutting-edge Electrostatic sprayers, and our cloud-based BAC-TRACK software, we provide the most comprehensive Infection Control program available. Visit bac-track.com for more information.

Complete Infection Control Platform

This dashboard allows you to sort data and measure information around a specific facility, department or equipment category. The Bac-Track history feature also allows you to look at the device’s history and monitor specific assets including the CDC’s recommendations for testing.

Connect all of your facilities

Measure your facilities’ infection rates by region and improve infection control strategies by targeting the highest risk locations through one collective dashboard.

View contamination levels by floor plan

Easily view every room with an uploaded floor plan view. Enhancing overall patient and staff safety and allowing for quicker response.

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